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Il risparmio energetico grazie alla sinergia delle metodologie di ricerca

Workshop su Scientific Diving (Archeologia, Biologia, Geologia) – Coordinatore Giovanna Bucci, Responsabile Nazionale Scientific Diving per la Federazione ITA F07 A.CDCI. CMAS – (Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques), Professore  a contratto presso l’Università di Padova, Dipartimento dei Beni Culturali


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12-13/06/2016, Isola delle Femmine (PA), Via C. Colombo 13, C/o ASD J. Cousteau,


Workshop about Scientific Diving (Archaeology, Biology, Geology) – Coordinator Giovanna Bucci National Scientific Responsible of Federation ITA F07 A.CDCI. CMAS – Confédération Mondiale des Activités Subaquatiques, Adjunct Professor at University of Padova, Cultural Heritage Dept.

S4 is a workshop devoted to methodologies sharing to save energy.
Technics and actions for conservation of natural and cultural heritage are a common ground on which we work all together.
The synergy we would like to create is dedicated to strength the interaction between researchers. Our purpose is to create a network of intelligence where to find a guide for underwater environment investigations.
We have a great example connected with the analysis of a digital track made by an echo side scan sonar: in a “down image” you can find plants and algas shape, geomorphology, archaeological anomalias.
Take 3 experts on a boat! Join together different point of views! Share your instrument and get excellent results.
One instrument, one boat, one computer, 3 persons: energy saving!

Contents of the discussion. 1st session: the scientific diving team, methodologies and techniques: what’s in common, best practice for scientific diving; synergy and collaboration: the best ways for great results, underwater heritage, energy saving connecting research.
2nd session: search and survey methods, marking objects and sites, sampling and recording techniques, remote sensing, archaeomatic and geomatic.


MORNING: 9,30 – 12,30. Excursions and scientific diving at Area Marina Protetta di Capogallo, Isola delle Femmine (PA) with ASD J. Cousteau

AFTERNOON: 15,30–18,30 – Round table with discussion SCIENTIFIC SYNERGY FOR ENERGY SAVING
The scientific diving team: members and roles
Methodologies and techniques: what’s in common

Best practice for scientific diving
Synergy and collaboration: the best ways for great results
Environmental investigations: underwater heritage and natural actions
Energy saving connecting research
Energy saving boats: solar and eolic solution for energy production on board (new projects)

MORNING: 9,30–12,30. Excursions and scientific diving at Area Marina Protetta di Capogallo, Isola delle Femmine (PA) with ASD J. Cousteau

AFTERNOON: 15,30 – 18,30. Seminary with CMAS standards Search methods.
Survey methods and marking objects and sites.
Sampling and recording techniques

Remote sensing Archaeomatic and geomatic

With the participation of
R. La Rocca – Functionary Archaeologist SopMare
C. D’Avola – Marine Biologist, ASD J. Cousteau
V. Raimondi – Marine Biologist, ASD J. Cousteau
D. Sanfilippo – Marine Biologist, ASD J. Cousteau
F. C. Luzzu – Marine Biologist, UNIPA
M. Mica – System Engineer, Nemo Diving Marzamemi
G. Sarra – Geologist, free lance
A. Pisano – Architect, Nonsolochrater Ltd
V. Maggio, Architect, Geomatic expert, UNIPA
N. Fadini, Archaeologist, Archaeomatic expert, Akanthos S.r.l.

The workshop is open and free.
Diving services on demand with charge. Reservation required. Diving contact: J. Cousteau ASD – Diving Center